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Are problems like rising costs, market fluctuations, family conflicts or extreme weather stressing you out and leaving you feeling defeated? Stress affects everyone in different ways. It impacts our mental health and  physical health. Ignoring signs that our mental well-being needs a tune up can result in time away from work & increased healthcare expenses. Find ways to manage your stress before it manages you.

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Learn More About Stress

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How Stress Can Be Dangerous


A change in appearance or behavior might be the first thing you recognize in yourself or someone else.  Make sure you know the signs and symptoms of stress and warning signs of suicide. (These are only some of the signs.)

Signs & Symptoms

    • A decline in personal appearance
    • Changes in routines or social activities
    • Increases in illness or chronic conditions
    • Lack of interest in activities
    • A decline in the care of pets and livestock
    • A decline in the appearance of the farm
    • Increases in farm accidents
    • A recent loss (emotional, relational, or financial)

Warning Signs of Suicide

    • Withdrawal from friends or activities
    • Suggesting people would be better off without them
    • Engaging in risky behaviors
    • Drastic changes in mood or behavior
    • Giving away possessions

If these warning signs apply to you or someone you know, get help as soon as possible, particularly if the behavior is new or has occurred more often. Learn more.


It’s okay to acknowledge feelings of anxiousness, hopelessness or even thoughts of suicide. Tough conversations today could prevent tragedy tomorrow. If you know someone that is experiencing emotional pain or thoughts of suicide…

  1. Ask if they want to talk and let them know you care about them.
  2. Listen to them well.
  3. Familiarize yourself with available mental and behavioral health resources.
  4. Connect them to help then follow up.
  5. Reduce access to lethal means, such as fire arms, if you think someone is at risk of suicide.


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Stigma gets in the way of us giving or receiving help. But, even the toughest people need help sometimes.

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Seasons Change | You RemainSM Resources

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Wellness Kits

Now available to AgriLife Extension, Farm Bureau, Department of Agriculture, FSA and insurance agents across Texas.

Life in agriculture can bring many stressors, yet producers are often reluctant to seek or receive help. An agent might be the only person a producer is willing to talk to about stress or challenges they face on their farm or ranch. The Kits provide valuable stress assistance and mental health resources for producers and their families. Extension agents can display these items in the office and/or give them to producers directly. Click here to learn more.

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