Sports Medicine Fellowship – Overview

Number of applicants accepted: Two

Fellows will have the opportunity to actively participate in medical coverage of athletic and sports events and facilities throughout the East Texas region.

Team Physician Role

Fellows will be intimately involved with the Division II UT Tyler Athletic Department where they will care for athletes both in training room clinics and sideline events. Fellows will also have the opportunity to work directly with a local high school as their “Team Physician” throughout the year as well as school athletic trainers. All medical care and decisions will be made in conjunction with supervisory faculty known to the athletic training team. The relationship will include regular visits to the school and training room site for medical care as well as regular presence for major school athletic events.

Fellows will also work in medical consultation for UT Health-East-Texas-affiliated Athletic Trainers working at various local schools and athletic events throughout the region.

Other Event Coverage

Fellows will have the opportunity to engage in medical coverage for other community events that may include road races, triathlon races, Special Olympics, etc.

Rotations & Electives

Core Rotations:

Your core rotations will take place at three main locations in Tyler:

    • University Health Clinic (on campus at The University of Texas at Tyler)
    • UT Health East Texas Orthopedics
    • Various community specialty clinics

Fellows will spend most of their curriculum with primary care sports medicine and orthopedic surgery.

They will be expected to diagnose and manage a wide range of sports medicine/exercise related injuries and conditions.  Procedural experience including but not limited to concussion management, fracture care, compartment pressure testing and ultrasound guided procedures, including PRP, Prolotherapy, Hydro-dilatation, Hydro-dissection, etc.

Other required rotations include:

    • Radiology
    • Physical Therapy
    • Exercise Physiology
    • PM&R


At least a ½ day per week will be allotted for residents to complete such electives.  Electives may include:

    • Intervention Chronic Pain
    • Cardiology
    • Spine Surgery
    • Research
    • Rheumatology

Continuity Clinic

Each fellow will be required to maintain a PGY-4 continuity clinic in their primary specialty for one half-day per week.

Saturday Sports Clinics

Fellows will be required to attend Saturday Sports Clinics, held mostly during the fall sporting season. The faculty present will be a combination of primary care sports medicine, orthopedic sports medicine and physical therapy faculty. Fellows will be required to evaluate patients independently, present cases, and immediately strategize with faculty for patient care.

Ultrasound Didactic Component

Fellows will have access to point-of-care use of ultrasound for diagnostic and procedural training and point-of-care utilization. Fellows will be required to demonstrate competency in diagnostic ultrasound of and ultrasound-guided procedures of all large and medium.