Student Success Resources


If you are interested in enrolling as a student at the  Health Science Center at UT Tyler, click the links on this page to seek admission.

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Every student is assigned an academic advisor within their degree program. Academic advisors are assigned by program administrators who work closely with the Academic Affairs office before Orientation or the start of their educational program.

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Career Services

Graduate students and other professional trainees at the Health Science Center at UT Tyler learn alongside accomplished faculty and become colleagues as they develop their interests and refine their knowledge and skills. We encourage students to engage in professional development and begin searching for job opportunities.

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Counseling & Safety

The safety and well-being of students at the HSC is the top priority for the development of a safe environment that is conducive to learning. Counseling services offered by the institution are listed on this page.

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Disability Services

The Health Science Center at UT Tyler (HSC) abides by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, which mandate reasonable accommodations be provided for students with documented disabilities.

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Learning Management System

Canvas is your Learning Management System (LMS) at the Health Science Center at UT Tyler. Canvas gives you access to your technology-enriched courses.

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New Student Orientation

Congratulations on being admitted as a student to the Health Science Center at UT Tyler! We welcome you and want to provide you an orientation to our campus. We provide this online orientation so that students who are working or are too busy to travel here for an orientation will still be familiar with our campus culture.

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Online Learning Readiness Survey

Increasingly, online components are part of every course. Therefore, some parts of your HSC courses may include components that are online. Take a short survey to find out if you’re ready for online learning.

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After you have been admitted as a student to The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler (UTHSCT), you will need to register for your classes.

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Technical Support

Information about the health science center Help Desk, minimum technology requirements, campus Wi-Fi networks is available here.

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Tutoring Services

Students at the Health Science Center at UT Tyler have access to tutoring 24 hours a day 7 days a week through a web-based service called

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