SW Ag Center Feasibility Study Opportunity

Feasibility Studies offer mentoring opportunities for AFF researchers and provide critical data for future research.

The SW Ag Center is pleased to offer funding for feasibility studies (R21 type) focused on AFF occupational safety and health.

Feasibility Study Goals

  • Identify and mentor new/junior researchers to conduct innovative research, intervention, and translation projects in AFF worker safety/health.
  • Support projects that provide data for innovative approaches to improve AFF occupational safety and health that justify further research.
  • Promote mentoring relationships between junior and established scientists to build capacity for AFF occupational safety and health careers. Mentors can be identified by the SW Ag Center or the PI. If the PI needs assistance identifying a mentor, please contact the SW Ag Center at least 4 weeks prior to the application deadline.


  • Junior investigators interested in gaining research experience in AFF occupational safety or health
  • Graduate students, medical residents, or postdoctoral fellows
  • Faculty members of any rank who are interested in exploring an AFF research question

Applications from student investigators and other scientists new to the field of agricultural occupational safety and health are strongly encouraged. Team science approaches are also encouraged.

Programmatic Interest

For this funding cycle, proposals with a focus on mental and behavioral health, emerging technologies, or infectious diseases in all the AFF subsectors will be given priority.  Other topics that address occupational safety and health questions in AFF are welcome.  All proposed projects must explicitly respond to the goals of the National Occupational Research Agenda for AFF.  To review the National Occupational Research Agenda – AFF visit:  https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/nora/councils/agff/research.html

Key Dates & Information: One-Year Projects

  • Application Deadline: May 31st
  • Notice of Award: July 16th
  • Anticipated Start Date: October 1st
  • Number of Awards: up to 3
  • Duration of Award: up to 12 months
  • Award Amount: up to $20,000

Key Dates & Information: Short-Term Projects

  • Application Deadline: December 10th
  • Notice of Award: January 17th
  • Anticipated Start Date: February 1st
  • Number of Awards: up to 2
  • Duration of Award: 8 months
  • Award Amount: up to $20,000

NIOSH uses the Cooperative Agreement mechanism to fund the AFF Initiative. This approach directs NIOSH staff to be substantially involved as a partner with the Ag Centers. Similarly, the SW Ag Center staff will work collaboratively with the successful investigators.


Please contact Kevin Moore, PhD at or by phone to 405-744-8423 to indicate your intent to submit an application or for any questions you have related to the application.

For additional information about the SW Ag Center visit: swagcenter.org

Feasibility Study Submission Instructions: One-Year Projects

To view or download the Feasibility Study Submission Instructions.

To view or download the Logic Model Template.

Feasibility Study Submission Instructions: Short-Term Projects

To view or download the Feasibility Study Submission (Short-Term)  Instructions.