Translational & Cardiovascular Biology

Research Activities

The Department of Translational and Vascular Biology promotes translational cardiovascular and pulmonary vascular research. The mission is to develop, promote, and accelerate cardiovascular and pulmonary research. This includes both basic and translational research that will advance our knowledge in the mechanisms involved in the onset and propagation of cardiovascular and pulmonary disease process and various intervention strategies.

The long-term goal is to maintain a vibrant cardiovascular research environment leading to the discovery of new understanding of diseases and development of effective intervention strategies. The department strives to achieve excellence in cardiovascular discovery to challenge the existing problems in cardiovascular diseases. Our efforts are geared to develop world-class cardiovascular and pulmonary research and a clinical translational research program. The department has significant resources necessary to develop a cutting-edge, competitive research program in translational cardiovascular research. The departmental goal is to recruit and foster a group of world-class faculty to carry out the mission of the department.