Video Testimonials & Discussion Guide

This Home Safe Home Discussion Guide is designed to facilitate conversations with your peers, colleagues, friends, and/or family about safety in the agricultural setting.

From the very beginning of this project, we hoped to share stories that are authentic and relatable. Home Safe Home captures the stories of real people who experienced real injuries. In almost every case, the injury could have been prevented.

We often hear people say, “it won’t happen to me.” However, injuries happen far too often to workers who said those same words. Workers can prevent tragic outcomes by preparing for the worst-case scenarios. In all three stories, you will hear people mention how a serious injury or fatality would have tragically affected their loved ones and their businesses. They also share lessons learned and steps they have taken since the incidents to prevent future incidents.

We hope that these discussion topics will help you work towards an open and honest dialogue around safety in your workplace to help prevent future injuries and fatalities. The SAFE (Stop, Alert, Foster, Encourage) 4-part framework can help guide a fruitful discussion and inform future outreach and education.

Episode 1- A Planter Injury with The Dineen’s
Episode 2- A Livestock Injury with The Cleere’s
Episode 3- A Livestock Injury with The Reed’s

Community Discussion Guide

If you would like to submit a injury testimonial or have interest in sharing your story in front of a camera, please contact: Shelbie Lambert or call 903-877-1440